100 Women Who Care

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100 Women Who Care: Alamogordo was established in 2017 and is currently seeking  members.

How does 100 Women Work? 100 Women Who Care: Alamogordo is just that, 100 or more members, all women who care about charitable organizations (specifically 501c3) in Alamogordo.  Each member commits to donate $400 per year, $100 each quarter.  ​Group meetings also occur once  per quarter and are limited to one hour. Each quarter, select charitable organizations will present to the membership, a charity will be chosen and all funds from that quarter will go to the chosen charity.

It’s a simple and extremely effective concept, where women can make an enormous impact in the community, in very little time. To date this organization has 142 members (some of which have formed teams to reach the $100 per quarter) and in just two quarters has been able to give $21,925! It’s amazing what women can do when we work together to build our community!

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