Weekend Hunger Initiative

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The Weekend Hunger Initiative (WHI), Hobbs backpack program, a non profit organization in Hobbs, NM, delivers bags of food to Hobbs ISD students who are food insecure over the weekends. Anyone can volunteer and help provide food for kids. Our volunteer opportunities are endless. You can help us sort through food donations, pack bags of food for hungry children, help with inventory and even deliver selected bags to schools.

​Hobbs Backpack Program solely focuses on the weekend nutritional needs of children in Hobbs.  We are the centralized contact point for referrals, we supply the location to pack the backpacks and provide assistance to partner organizations.

Many families are finding it difficult to live here.  Rent has increased dramatically; utilities, food and gas have all gone up.  Even some of our middle class cannot afford to live in Hobbs.

These children do not have any choices; they cannot drive themselves to the store for food or even ask for help. Many of them have parents who are working, but just do not make enough to make ends meet.   These children need a hand up!

Our hungry children need your help!

Please do not hesitate to contact WHI Hobbs if you have questions or concerns.

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