Junior Service League

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Junior Service League of Hobbs is a non-profit women’s organization dedicated to making a difference in the community. Our recent projects have included:

SuperStar Shoe – JSL outfitted over 400 in-need Hobbs students with new shoes and socks

CYFD Foster Closet – JSL provides any and all items foster parents need for newly acquired children. Families can choose from clothes, toiletries, diapers, formula, etc. should they get a foster child unexpectedly.

CYFD Foster Party – Each May, JSL hosts a BBQ for all the Foster Families and provides entertainment and food.

PDAP Gift Wrapping – Each December, JSL volunteers to wrap presents for donations. All proceeds go toward the Palmer Drub Abuse Program.

API Golf Tournament – Each Spring, JSL provides volunteers for this huge community event.

Boys and Girls Club Car Raffle – Each August, JSL serves up between 750 – 1000 plates of BBQ to hungry participants waiting to see if they’ve won a new car! This fundraiser brings in around $75,000 to the Boys and Girls Club.

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