February Happiness Project

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My happiness project took a hit this month. In January, I was super motivated and enjoyed the immediate gratification I received from organizing and clearing out, and donating unused items. Heck, I even got this blog set up and going to January, and then never touched it for over a month. I’ll do a post soon on what I accomplished in January.

However, February has been a whole other ballgame. When I initially picked “self-care” as theme for the month I thought it was going to be easy, and also in a sense selfish. I never claim to be low maintenance, and anyone who knows me, would look at me and assume that a lot of effort goes into the final product that people see. However, what I wanted to focus on for February, wasn’t just outward appearance, but just things that I have wanted to do, to take better care of myself, but never really manage to do.

The first thing, which sounds silly, was to wash face at night. I know, I’m a grown woman, i’m in my early thirties, and I should be able to wash my face every night. I know that washing my face every is good for my skin, and that the amount of makeup I pile on my face each day clogs my pores. I know this, and yet for my thirty odd years on this planet, washing my face at night has happened a handful of times. So this was my goal. And here comes the shocker, I mostly did it. I would say about 90% of the time, I did. The most annoying part of this all, is that my face actually does look and feel better.

The other major aspects of self-care was to exercise regularly and track my food. Honestly the food tracking didn’t happen. I wish it did, I understand the studies showing that people who track what they eat are 57 million times more likely to reach their fitness goals, but overall it didn’t happen this month. And exercising also didn’t really happen as much as I would like. I stopped running as much as I was in January, but with that I am not actually upset, and there is more to come on that later. What I did find is that I joined a gym, and have been attending fitness classes, and this has made a significant difference in my outlook on fitness and self-improvement. It’s been said, time and time again, that you act like those you surround yourself with, and there is something really uplifting about meeting with people a few times a week and everyone working towards a similar, but personalized goal. So I continue to do that.

Overall, although the month of self-care didn’t go as planned, and I didn’t do everything I had hoped, I actually feel more empowered today, the very last day of the month about self-care than I did on February first. I feel like I am finding my rhythm, and I’m actually excited to continue working on myself in March.

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