Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face

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I just discovered one of my new favorite authors, and lets be really she and I will probably become best friends any day now. As someone who would call themselves a “self-improvement junkie” I read a lot of motivational/inspirational/goal-oriented literature. I love Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and Dave Ramsey. So when my moms-group had us watch a video discussing goals and what stands between us and our goals I was all in.

Rachel Hollis writes like you are having a conversation with your best girlfriend. She is uplifting and motivated, and helps dispell all the lies we tell ourselves about why we can’t accomplish our goals. I flew through the book, and was disappointed when I had to put it down and stop reading, because well life is still going on even if I just want to read my book. Each chapter she is relatable, and authentic and most importantly vulnerable. As she shares her struggles and triumphs she helps readers understand they are not alone in their trials, and that you can move through them and be your own hero.

If you’re looking for a book that is fun to read, motivational and goal-oriented this is it! And you can buy it on Amazon! CLICK HERE

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