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I’ve referenced MyIntent previously and how I use this as a way to help myself stay focused on goal and motivation, yet I haven’t really discussed it’s details. At this point, you may have just thought I don’t understand proper grammar and capitalization. I came across the MyIntent Project in 2017, while trying to find ways to acknowledge gratitude. After much reading I realized that if you were to pick the brains of the most successful people in life, they would mostly all acknowledge one theme of importance, gratitude; Successful people use gratitude as a tool for success. This theme of gratitude and success became even more apparent while reading Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans where many people interviewed emphasized the importance of exercising gratitude. It was in Tools of Titans that I discovered the 5 Minute Journal as a way to practice gratitude every morning and every evening. Arianna Huffington has said “What we focus on, what we put our attention on really determines how we feel about that particular day or our life in general.” During a Commencement speech at Skidmore College, Oprah listed practicing gratitude as one of four tools for success. Self-made billionaire, Tony Robbins implements gratitude exercises into his morning routine, every. single. day. In all of his teachings, emotional, mental, or financial Robbins stresses the importance of practicing gratitude regarding even the most minute details.

Not only is gratitude a key for success, but it only helps foster a more positive outlook and reduce anxiety. It was Tony Robbins who said something along the lines of  “One cannot experience anxiety and gratitude simultaneously.” This concept is what really started me on my gratitude journey in 2017; showing appreciation for what I have and what I am, as a way to quell irrational thoughts and emotions. My dad once told me years ago that when I find myself feeling anxious to count my blessings, I think he knew something all those years ago that I didn’t. And to do so, I needed physical reminders. I am not one for vision boards, as I feel cheesy when I do them, perhaps I’m not doing them right. But I do appreciate physical reminders of concepts which I am trying to implement. Physical reminders spread throughout life to help cultivate positive changes. Following the advice of my dad, I have a simple printed sign in my bathroom where I get ready every day, which reads “Count Your Blessings.” Every morning while I get ready I look at this sign as a reminder to find gratitude and think of everything I have in my life.

And yet what does all this have to do with the MyIntent Project? I needed something physical to remind me to exercise periodic gratitude, beyond the print in my bathroom. I needed something throughout the day, that I would always see and have with me, to act as a catalyst for motivation, and a tiny, simple washer style bracelet has done just that. The bracelet isn’t much to look at, and most people probably don’t notice it; If they do, they probably wonder why for almost two years I have worn this shabby, little bracelet made of twine and metal. If there is beauty in simplicity than this tiny bracelet with the words Gratitude stamped one side, and Grace on the other is perfection. I found that having the visual cue on me throughout the day helped me implement gratitude practice not just into my morning, but periodically. If I was stressed and put my head in my hands out of exasperation, when I opened my eyes, my bracelet would be right in front of my face, as a reminder to look beyond the situation.

As 2017 came to an end, it was time to find a new mantra and area of intention; As Grace is an extension of Gratitude, this was the ideal focus. I now wear a double sided bracelet, each word as a visual reminder of the goals I am setting, and the person I am striving to become. Giving Grace is not always easy, and this physical reminder helps keep me moving in a positive direction.  The mission statement for the MyIntent “is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action.” This simple bracelet helps create the catalyst and daily reminder to help keep me on track. It can say anything; one word or multiple, whatever you need in your life they can custom engrave, wherever you are looking to focus your intent. Have you ever considered where your intent lies? MyIntent also sells an insightful question game, which helps you discover “your word,” and your intentions. Do you need a reminder of your intention? If this is something you would find as beneficial as I have, you can check out MyIntent here and get $5 your next purchase.

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