To help myself stay on track to reach my goals, I surround myself with reminders of what I’m working toward. I Love to surround myself with imagery that will help me maintain a positive mindset, and today i’m sharing a few different techniques to help you as well!


Visual cues are an important part of my life. All around my home I surround myself with positive imagery and messages. I didn’t realize just how many motivational signs I had in my home, until my brother-in-law was visiting and brought them to my attention. Every room of my home has some sort of positive imagery; something to cultivate an optimistic outlook and counter negativity. I’ve made signs about gratitude, love, family, and all the good stuff, for most of the rooms in out home.

I Saw The Sign

In my bathroom I have had a sign as long as I can remember, to “Count Your Blessings” sign; because anxiety/angry/depression and gratitude cannot exist simultaneously, as described by Tony Robbins here. In my daughters’ bedroom I have a gallery wall filled with inspirational and motivational sayings. In their bathroom signs about kindness and beauty. Although they can’t read, I recognize the importance of viewing these images daily, and the role they will play as the grow.

My Intent Project

Surrounding myself with visual cues are an important part of my life, and is one of the reasons I love the My Intent Project. This year marks my 3rd word. I love the idea of  simple bracelet, carrying significant meaning. My first and second word choices came easily; I knew instantly that I wanted to focus my first intention on being Grateful and additionally Grace. I wore my bracelets until the string had worn so ragged, I lost the bracelet and the words. Although I was disappointed, my hope is the person who finds them, needs them more than I do.

This round I struggled to identify which word, would be my focus, so I went with two words, again. The first is Gratitude; I genuinely believe you can find something to be grateful about in even the hardest situation. Doing so completely resets your mindset. This concept has been something I try to focus on in every aspect of my life; and why I am using this concept again. The second is Purpose, which was difficult to nail down. In many ways we are all searching for our purpose, and how we are supposed to make a difference. I’m hoping that seeing the word everyday will be a constant push to continue pursuing what my true purpose.

Accountability Mirror

Another way in which visual cues can help you reach your goals and stay on track, is through the “accountability mirror.” I’m currently listening to the audio version of Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins. It is an intense and incredible story. It is filled with challenges Goggins used in his life to help him overcome obstacles, which are then passed on through the story. I can’t wait to finish this book and tell you all about this inspiring story.

One of the challenges Goggins discusses, is the “accountability mirror.” He explains that you can lie to yourself, but the mirror never lies. Countless times throughout his journey he stares into the mirror forcing himself to see who and what he truly is. He then suggests adding post-its to the mirror of the goals and tasks you want to accomplish. When you look in that mirror every morning you are forced to see your truth; surrounded by notes of what you did or did not accomplish.

The “accountability mirror” is another great visual tools to help stay on track this year. I also like this better than a vision board; because for me, they seem like a lot of work. I can scribble 15 post-it notes rather quickly and change them out as necessary. Whereas to me, a vision board feels more involved and stressful. I have seen so many vision boards, that are beautifully designed and well thought out. However for me, I feel this adds additional pressure to make it look and seem perfect. And honestly, that’s just not a priority for me right now.

The key to any of these to to find what works for you. Figure out whatever it is that helps remind you to stay on track; and to stay optimistic while you work to accomplish your goals.

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  1. I can say without a doubt that the visual cues and positive messages you surround yourself with, are helpful not just to you, but to everyone that passes through your life. I am grateful for those messages still, and really needed and appreciated them at the time too!

    J has one that Is conveniently located where she sees it first thing every morning, and I know it has helped us both through many difficult days. Too bad she doesn’t actual visit your site, otherwise this would be license for many more trips to Hobby Lobby 😉

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