Our Story.

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It’s been quite a year. And throughout this blog, I have shared some of the ups and downs of what has been going on in our life, without too much detail. Although I try to be transparent in my life, there was much about the past year, that I didn’t share. I alluded to the difficulties and challenges facing my family, yet I didn’t share the whole story. It wasn’t just my story to tell; I wanted to give my husband the space and time to process the challenges we faced, and let him tell the entire story on his terms.

This story wasn’t easy to tell. And although we are coming out of the other side, and growing through what we have been going through, this road wasn’t easy. This road was paved with tears of heartache and fears of the unknown. We have mourned the life we once knew and we celebrate the future and beautiful changes which have come from this journey.

It was hard to put down in words the magnitude of everything we have gone through. Trying to sum it up into an 800 word blog post wouldn’t do this story the justice it deserves. I’ve tried; and I have numerous posts sitting in my draft folder waiting to be published. However, none of it felt exactly right. Fortunately, we both had the opportunity to tell our stories on two different podcasts. You can listen to mine here, and Kevin’s here. We are both grateful for the opportunity to share our story and hope that through sharing our story through multiple mediums, someone can learn and benefit from our story. I hope you take the time to listen, and share them with someone who also needs to hear it.

This journey is far from over; Honestly it has just begun. If I have learned anything over the past 9 months, I’ve learned that small actions can create a ripple effect of change; and how you view this change, is entirely up to you. You can fear the change, and be consumed by the struggle. Or you can take that fear, and turn it into fire. I choose fire.

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