Check out this section for daily happenings, such as parenting topics, healthy living and also book suggestions. This isn’t your typical “lifestyle” section, because my life is far from glamorous! I’m living the dream, but it’s a dream of my own design.

I love to read, and try my best to do it every day and I try to foster this same love of reading for my girls. Here you will be able to find information about what i’m reading and my reviews of books I have most recently read. Personal development books are my jam, and they make up a majority of what I read.

Here, you will also find stories about parenting; techniques I have found that work well, and stories about epics fails. Mommin ain’t easy, and I don’t pretend that it is! But it’s all about laughing through the hard times and enjoying the good.

You will also find tidbits about wellness; This could be anything from an occasional recipe or fun dinner, to ways to increase positive mental health. Having a background in mental health counseling has a huge influence on who I am, and how I try to live my life.