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32 Reasons to Be Grateful

Today is my birthday! When I was younger it was always the running joke that June was my birthday month, complete with a crown and I think even once a sash. I’m not sure what age it is, but at some point when you become an adult, birthday’s become something we stop celebrating and start

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Happy Birthday Husband!

Yesterday we celebrated my darling husband’s birthday. Every year, I try to make a big deal of his birthday, and make him feel special, because it wasn’t always that way. In many ways, he had a not-so-great childhood. His parent’s divorced when he was young, and it was really ugly. He didn’t have contact with

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Ending Childhood Hunger Through Birthdays and Dr. Seuss

As previously mentioned for the girls’ birthdays, instead of gifts we ask for donations to a charity of our choosing. My older sister and brother-in-law started doing this with their children, and I loved the idea, so I stole it. For Hadley’s first birthday, we asked people to donate to the “No Kid Hungry” foundation;

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