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Systems Trump Willpower (No, this is not political)

I’m somewhat of a Tim Ferriss junkie, if he writes it, I’m reading it. I have a special appreciation for him, because he reignited my love of reading and personal development. After having kids, I stopped reading all the types of books that I had truly enjoyed for so long, and was stuck in a

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Reducing Tension During Financial Discussions

It’s said that money is one of the largest points of contention in relationships. And discussing money is something that can be difficult to navigate in even the healthiest relationships. This month, while focusing on money and consistently discussing it, I have noticed an increased amount of tension surrounding the topic and in our relationship

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Book Review: Total Money Makeover

I finished rereading Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, by Dave Ramsey. I originally read this book about five years ago, when it was given to me by my dad. This book is an easy read, and for a finance book, is actually very interesting. One of the aspects I most appreciate

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