Expectations Vs. Reality

I have been struggling with this month's happiness project. When I chose this months project, parenting, I envisioned reading some books, listening to podcasts, and experiencing a total family transformation. I pictured asking my girls to clean their rooms and them skipping away while singing the clean up song. I pictured them happily eating vegetables... Continue Reading →

Happiness High Standards

I watched another TED Talk. One thing I love about a TED Talk is that because they are short, you can get a lot of information in a small amount of time. I generally watch them while I do my makeup in the mornings, and it's a great way to utilize NET time (No Extra... Continue Reading →

Count Blessings Instead of Sheep

In general I have always been an anxious person; It's been a joke for years that I am never really described as "cool, calm and collected." It has taken years of school and reading and life, to find ways for me to cope with anxiety. And I would say that I have done a pretty... Continue Reading →

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