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Implementing MY Total Money Makeover

Yesterday I gave a quick overview of the Total Money Makeover, and today I am going to talk about how I will implement my own money makeover for My Happiness Project goal of Master Money March! As described in the book, you have to come up with a budget, the real kind. And you have

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Book Review: Total Money Makeover

I finished rereading Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, by Dave Ramsey. I originally read this book about five years ago, when it was given to me by my dad. This book is an easy read, and for a finance book, is actually very interesting. One of the aspects I most appreciate

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Money in a Marriage

As I have shared, my focus for the month is money. And as a person who stays at home raising my honey badgers, I don’t currently bring in a paycheck. During this season of life my husband is the financial provider, so in order to focus on mastering our money we had to talk about

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